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Body Aches All Over No Fever

Body aches can be caused for several different reasons, some being alleviated with rest, while others are the result of serious health conditions. Sometimes, body aches occur when your immune system is responding to a threat to your body, and in these cases you should experience a fever, but if you are experiencing body aches all over with no fever, it may be something else. When trying to figure out the cause behind you aches, you need to first make a few observations. Did your body aches happen all at once, are they getting worse over time, what activities have you participated in lately, and what causes the aches to improve or worsen? These questions can point you in the right direction as to why your body aches are occurring in the first place.

One very common cause of body aches all over with no fever, is an overexertion of your muscles. Participating in physical activities is a very healthy life choice, but depending on your body and the level of physical activity you are used to, it is very easy to  over do it. This happens a lot at the gym, either when you are just starting to get into shape or when you push your body too far. If this is the case, the best thing you can do for yourself is rest. Muscle strains need plenty of time to recover, and your body repairs itself the most while you are sleeping.  Be sure that you get plenty of deep sleep the next few nights, and your pain should decrease dramatically and eventually go away on its own. Ibuprofen can relieve the swelling caused by the strains and help with the pain. If the aches become persistent, you may need to see a doctor to make sure that you injury is not serious.

Body Aches All Over No Fever Man

Arthritis can also cause extreme body aches all over with no fever. Arthritis body aches are caused by inflammation of your joints, tendons, and ligaments, as well as muscle strains. This can easily cause body aches all over, but no fever. You should see a doctor if you believe you are suffering for arthritis pain. Certain medications, therapies, and treatments may be needed, and some can actually increase your pain level if not done correctly.

Body Aches All Over No Fever Woman

You may also be suffering from depression, especially if your aches seem to be getting worse over time. Depression influences the way your brain sends messages to your body, and can cause your body to feel pain more intensely and in a different way. For a lot of people suffering from depression, the aches have been present for a while, but once the depression worsens, the pains become more noticeable.  A doctor can diagnose you with depression, and offer you several options for the body aches. You may need to be prescribed more than one type of medicine.  Antidepressants can help with the depression and pains and anti-anxiety medicine can help you sleep better if your depression is causing you to have trouble sleeping, resulting in lack of rest for your body.


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